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Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with 605 Yard Cards you agree to all of our Terms & Conditions


  • Payment is due at the time of booking to hold reservation. 

Accepted Payment

  • Square

    • No square account is required​

Cancellation Policy

Life happens and we understand.  We want you to be completely satisfied, and will work with you to rectify any concerns with our products or service. 

  • 48-hours is required for a 100% refund.

  • Inside of 48-hours you will be refunded 50%, you can also reschedule or a credit can be issued.

    • Rescheduling will be based on availability of dates and product availability. 

You will NOT be refunded for any of the following reasons:

  • You provide us with the incorrect delivery address or date.

    • Please verify date and address when ordering.​

  • You provide us with the incorrect spelling.

  • Recipient declines delivery.

  • Gated community access refusal (A fee will be added if we need to make multiple attempts to deliver).

    • Please be available to let us in​.

    • Provide us with a temporary password.

    • Notify security of our impending appointment.

  • Fences, animals or other safety concern are present which prevent placement of signage. 


  • Normal rain or snowfall will never be a reason for cancellation. 

    • Severe Weather​ - If any of the weather listed below is present during set-up, or display and causes early removal, we will work with you.

      • Thunderstorms​. 

      • Lightning.

      • Heavy winter weather (Blizzards or hazardous driving conditions).

      • Ice (Frozen Ground).

      • Excessive high winds (Damage to signs or surrounding structures possible).

      • "Act of God".

Display Time

  • Typically 1-day.

    • Extensions can be negotiated for a reasonable price.

      • Extensions are based on product and staff availability.

  • 2-day displays are standard with some displays.

Rush & Same Day Orders

  • Accepted based on availability of staff and inventory. 

    • Rush orders are considered anything within a 48-hour request.

      • A $25.00 fee will be assessed​.

Rental Policies

  • 605 Yard Cards is not responsible for personal injury or property damage that is caused during delivery, set-up, display or tear down.

  • Do NOT move our signs for any reason.

    • If you require an earlier pick-up, please contact us.​

  • Displays are lightweight and cannot handle additional stress.

    • Do NOT attach anything to the signs or stakes.​  This includes balloons and streamers!

    • Balloons are prone to popping in the heat and then melting to the sign.  You will be billed for replacement signs and equipment. 

  • Mowing, Trimming and Watering while signs are displayed, does and will cause damage to the signs.  Please mow your yard prior to arrival or wait until after the signs have been removed.  A well manicured lawn looks great with our signs in them!

    • Please delay any lawn services during the display time.

    • You will be billed for any damage done to the signs or equipment due to mowing, trimming or watering during their display.


  • We love surprises! 

  • We ask that if your celebration is located at a different address than your own, YOU notify a responsible adult who can confirm the policies above will be met.  

    • Specifically lawn and sprinkler services, as well as pet restraint, for the safety of 605 Yard Cards staff.

Photography & Advertising

  • Once the setup is complete, we will text or email you a picture of your completed sign, given you have provided us with the appropriate contact information.

  • We take pictures for verification of a completed job, and condition of your celebration.

  • By ordering, you agree that you we can use a picture of your set-up for advertising on our websites.  ​


  • We at 605 Yard Cards will never sell or give your information to any third parties.  

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